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  1. Stable Company History: Kingdom Technology Consulting (HK) Ltd. has been providing business software solution since 1994.
  2. Strong Clientele: HRPro passed through all stringent requirements of data security as shown in our HRPro client list, e.g. H&M (1500 employees), Kai Bo Frozen Food (1000+ employees), etc. and some Payroll Outsourcing Service providers to process their clients’ payroll of up to 1500 employees (e.g. PrimAsia, Tricor, Nova, AETG, etc.), over 90% clients keep renewing their Annual Maintenance Plan, showing their satisfaction to the product & service.
  3. Experienced Consultants: Our consultants possess 10 to 25 years’ experience in software consulting and development of various business software systems, including accounting and inventory, purchasing and sales order management software.
  4. Integrity & Consistency: No over-sell discrepancy, pitfall or chaos in after-sales support since each client is assigned to the same consultant from demo, implementation to maintenance support.
  5. Always-On Support Strategy: in addition to the primary consultant assigned to every client of HRPro, a centralized support hotline is always available for secondary support to our service team in case the primary consultant was engaged in a meeting or service. We will respond within 1 business day for service call, you will never be re-directed to voicemail box!
  6. Mature but Aggressive Product Enhancement: HRPro was released in 2003 and is getting more and more powerful, by aggressively updating with monthly enhancement as shown in http://user.hrpro.hk/whats-new-8 as the most responsive and forward-thinking payroll and HR software supplier in Hong Kong to outperform most competitors.
  7. Availability of support resources: http://user.hrpro.hk/ is always at every client’s fingertips to obtain both online and offline user manual and Self-Service knowledge base of all product information.
  8. Safe System Architecture: leveraging 100% Microsoft technology in database structure and development tools, thus inheriting failure-proof data reliability, as compared to those open-source type of software development tools & database.
  9. Secure Data Management: built-in backup & restore functions, added data safety by leveraging Windows Scheduler to weekly or monthly backup the entire Microsoft SQL Server database.
  10. Practical Customization Strategy: we always recommend software user should adopt software system AS STANDARD AS POSSIBLE, instead of heavy customization or even development from scratch! If HRPro meets 80-90% of your functional requirements, you could minimize customization to less than 5% while another 5-15% difference could be adapted by administrative policy & procedures. This would substantially minimize the cost, learning curve, time to live-run, maintenance support, risk due to customization bugs, etc.