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Know your Business

WebViewer for ERPro provides ERPro Financial and Business information to decision maker's desktop immediately to gain new insights into your business.  WebViewer enables better decision-making by providing immediate access to key business information.  WebViewer provides instant access to information for all authorized users, not just those who have access to ERPro system.

Easy, Quick and Powerful

And because WebViewer uses common Web browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, you won't have to load any special software on your computer, or learn how to use it.

By tapping the powerful information contained in your ERPro Database, WebViewer delivers the accurate, up-to-date information that will help you make smarter, faster decisions.

Graphical Analysis

WebViewer makes it easy to graphically analyze and present Financial and Business information. WebViewer enables you to graphically analyze data on a global level or across the sub-account level, as well as in-depth analysis of more restricted areas.

The simple and user-friendly environment is designed to allow even inexperienced users to rapidly achieve professional results.

Improve Productivity

With WebViewer you create a complete "self service" environment. Salespeople can view their customers' order or invoice information, check the order status or Inventory availability status through the Internet or your company’s intranet.


Your sensitive business information must remain secure. WebViewer provides you the security that allows your authorized users, and no one else, to access your financial information. For each user the access right of every single web page can be individually assigned. 

Preset Views

WebViewer offers more than a 50 preset views that provide insightful detail about your customers, vendors, sales, purchases, products and General Ledger accounts. It's easy to customize and easy to use, so everyone with authorization will be able to quickly locate and understand the vital business information available.


WebViewer is 100% developed by NuTech Solutions Limited. Depending on the extent of the necessary modifications, Our web programmers can accomplish the customization. Clients, who are technically sophisticated and have the necessary personnel and tools, can obtain the necessary training and perform the medications. In the event that minor medications are required, we can train users to make the modifications.

Business Issue

How WebViewer Can Help


You need to effectively move your business on the web now and also have the flexibility to adapt to unknown future business requirements.

WebViewer provides a fully functional Web interface that can be configured for your business immediately.

You and your employees need an quick and easy way to enquire and analyst the financial and business information entered in ERPro.

WebViewer provides a simple interface and powerful analysis functions that can quickly drill-down, drill-up and drill-around information anywhere from the web page.

You and your employees located in remote locations who need quick and easy access to ERPro

WebViewer provides access to ERPro financial and business information through Microsoft Internet Information Server, you can easily provide WebViewer access to individuals within your organization who are in remote location.

Your company needs the assurance that access to the business system is secure and only authorized users can log in.

To access any of the WebViewer web pages, a WebViewer user must provide a valid Web user ID and password combination. Access Rights to individual pages can be granted to each user.

Your business partners need an easy way to do business with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By assigning WebViewer access rights to your business partners, you can allow business partners to access their history, current balance and document information in a secure way anytime, anywhere.