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System Manager

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ERPro System Manager is the control center for the entire ERPro business system, and must be installed in order to run any of the ERPro modules. ERPro System Manager controls the system environment and setup, on-line help, multi-level password security, printer setup, module and company selection, system date and all pop-up menus.  ERPro System Manager delivers enhanced efficiency, productivity and security to any business.

Outlook Style User Interface

ERPro provides you with a new, dynamic, familiar and feature rich user interface (UI). Visually it replicates a typical Microsoft Outlook interface, presenting the user with a familiar ‘look and feel’, making them more efficient and effective.

Multilingual Support

  • ERPro support English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese
  • All reports presented in both Chinese and English

Microsoft SQL Server Technology

With Microsoft SQL Server technology behind the database, users work with powerful industry standards. Dependable administrative and operational utilities, as well as clearly defined standards, help ensure performance.

Microsoft SQL Server Technology guarantees data integrity by ensuring that users will never have incomplete entries or corrupted files if they suffer a power failure while a transaction is in process.

ERPro Today

ERPro Today screen provides an at-a-glance status of the current module. It also provides information and warning about the system so that you can take proper action.

Powerful Lookup

The lookup feature provides a Search window where you can select the fields to be displayed, export the data in the grid to Excel, and sort particular fields in either ascending or descending order. You can also copy the result to clipboard, excel or even print the result to printer.

Shortcut Bar

With the Shortcut Bar, you can add your favorite functions right into the ERPro shortcut bar. ERPro allows you to organize the shortcut bar in the manner you want, and automatically save your last setting for your next use.

Outlook Group By

With built-in drag and drop, you can easily and intuitively sort and group data by common values, both flat data and hierarchical data. Data can be displayed as single or multi-level hierarchical row information, and can be expanded or collapsed as needed.

Flexible Reporting

ERPro provided comprehensive selection criteria, filter and sorting sequence.

All documents in ERPro are generated by Crystal Reports. With Crystal Reports, you can modify any report to appear exactly as you desire. Well-designed reports provide the critical information you need to better manage your business.

Excel Reporting

All Listing Reports in ERPro are generated by Microsoft Excel. With Microsoft Excel, Excel Reporting takes advantage of the formatting and presentation capabilities of Microsoft Excel. Reports can be saved and then viewed and printed as pure Excel documents.

Attachment Manager

With the attachment feature build in on almost every screen in ERPro, you can attached any kind of documents including word, excel, PDF, JPG, or any other kind of digital documents etc. to any ERPro input screen (e.g. Invoice, Receipt, Sales Order, etc.) and let you organize and find these documents easily and effectively. A reference number can be entered for each attachment for further reference, search and share.

Single Sign-On

Single sign-on (SSO) is mechanism whereby a single action of user authentication and authorization can permit a user to access all computers and systems where he has access permission, without the need to enter multiple passwords.

Login Hours Restriction

All users are assigned passwords that can limit their access by login hours. So you can restrict your users to access the system when the login time is not reasonable to enhance the security.

Export Data to Excel

Using the System Manager, all data files can be exported to Excel as well as to text files. You can select the data fields you want to export. Filter criteria can also be defined to reduce the number of records to be exported.

Current Login User List

The System Manager can provide a list of all users who are currently logged in to ERPro. When you need to perform a function requiring that no other user be in the system (such as period-end closing or backing up data), this information indicates who still needs to exit.

Event Log Viewer

Every critical transaction is recorded in Event Log for full audit trail.

Automatic Number Assignment

Every document number (e.g. Invoice Number, Voucher Number, etc.) can be assigned by the system automatically. You can predefine the format of the Number with any prefix you want with current year and month information.