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MPF Handling

  • MPF and ORSO are calculated automatically
  • Auto detection and compute MPF cap/ceiling
  • MPF Mandatory & Voluntary contributions by employer & employee, and MPF remittance statements are fully handled.
  • HRPro automatically calculates the MPF contributions according to MPF Ordinance and regulations.
  • Auto Handle Employer 60 days retention for first contribution
  • Generate MPF/ORSO Interface file to AIA, HSBC, Manulife, etc.

  • MPF和ORSO能自動計算
  • 自動偵察和計算MPF供款
  • MPF中由僱員或僱主強制或資源投入的部份,MPF中的付匯款申明完全是受掌控的
  • HRPro根據MPF法例和規章自動計算MPF中各項目