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Payroll Management

HRPro Payroll Management module is a complete Payroll System to accommodate the life cycle of your payroll processing.
  • Handle Monthly salary, daily, hourly wage, overtime, bonus, double pay, salary adjustment, allowances and deductions (regular or ad-hoc) are easily defined.
  • Calculate Holiday Pay, Annual Leave Pay, Sickness Allowance, Maternity Leave Pay using 12-month average wages automatically (compliant with Employment (Amendment) Ordinance 2007 a.k.a. 713).
  • Import OT Pay, Bonus, Commission, etc from Excel.
  • Payroll can be made by auto-pay or by cheque.
  • Auto compute for no pay leave deduction.
  • Automatic pro-rated incomplete month payments.
  • Pay item can defined as Regarded Wage or Disregarded Wage, taxable and non-taxable items; MPF contributable or not.
  • Print pay slip and payroll cheque.
  • Pay slip can be distributed by email automatically (with password protection).
  • Generate bank auto-pay electronic output file (already support HSBC, Citi-Bank and DBS).
  • Handle Mid-Month Payroll.
  • Provide Below Minimum Wage Report (compliant with Statutory Minimum Wage SMW).

定義好不同的薪酬種類後,到需要計算薪酬時,只要利用薪酬模組的計算功能,系統便會幫你從其他模組中抓取資料,預備好每位員工的應收薪酬(當然,MPF 供款也預備好)。你可以利用修改功能調整每位員工的額外人工,然後利用系統編製糧單、銀行轉帳檔案以及 MPF 供款記錄。
  • 月薪、日薪、時薪、單價、加班費、獎金、雙工資、薪水調整、津貼和扣除額(規則的或臨時的) ,這些都能輕鬆的定義。
  • 薪水能自動支付或通過支票形式給予。
  • 計算時能自動扣除那些無支付許可項目。
  • 支付項目能定義成應征稅的或無須征稅,MPF可以是能顯示或不可顯示的。
  • 多重薪水審查步驟。
  • 打印工資支付項目和支票。
  • 工資項目能以電郵形式自動分發。
  • 產生銀行自動支付電子輸出文件(已支持的銀行包括有HSBC、 Citi-Bank和DBS) 。
  • 生成帳目界面輸出文件。
  • 提供低於最低工資的報告。