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Employee Profile

  • Employee information, human resources data and detail payroll records of the employees are kept in the system.
  • Personal details such as contact information, spouse information, salary information, bank account, emergency contact can be recorded and printed out as personal profile.
  • The attachment feature let you scan all necessary documents into the employee profile. Documents such as Resume, Certificate, ID cards etc will be available online in a click. No more hard copy searching and photocopying is required.
  • HR information including start and termination dates as well as salary reviews, appraisal dates, probation end date, insurance plan and grading are also be kept.
  • Training History: To facilitate staff development by maintaining training records, and reporting on results. It helps HR department to identify skills and experience for position planning.
  • There are additional 15 user defined fields in employee master that user can define for their own use.
  • Utilized Microsoft Word template to create Employee Letter/Memo.
  • Predefined Word templates included: Appointment Letter, Employment Contract, Probationary Period Completed Letter, Reference Letter, Employee Memo, etc.
  • Training History and Promotion History is kept.


記錄員工的個人資料、人力資源資料、休假資料、培訓資料,並利用內置的 Word 模版功能幫你預備好比如聘書、推介信等文件。主檔管理讓你管理公司在人事管理上不同的設定,例如休假日數、部門分類、加班工作金額等等。
  • 僱員資料、人力資源數據和詳細的僱員工資記錄都保留在系統中。
  • 私人詳細資料例如聯絡資料、配偶資料、薪水信息、銀行帳目、緊急聯絡方式等都能當作員工檔案被記錄和打印出來。
  • 附件部份特征使您能瀏覽所有需要的員工檔案資料,例如履歷、證書、身份證號碼等,這些資料只需一鍵聯網就可獲得,而不再需要繁瑣的複製和影印等操作。
  • 所有這些人事信息包括開始數據和終止數據例如薪水評估、評估日期、最終鑒定日期、報單計劃和等級都被記錄下來。
  • 培訓記錄﹕保留培訓的歷史記錄和結果報告來促進整體發展,這有助人事部根據員工技能和經驗來確定他們的職位。
  • 僱主擁有附加的15個字段,這些字段用戶自己定義後使用。
  • 可利用Microsoft Word模板生成僱員信息備忘錄。
  • 預定義Word模板包括﹕約會信件、僱佣合同、試用期完成情況、參考文件等。
  • 培訓和晉昇歷史記錄。