Training and Support


Training plays a vital role in any implementation. Your organization will realize the greatest benefit when your employees have a deeper understanding of the software solution, enabling them to make their lives easier and more productive. We can help your employees gain this understanding through our Training programs.

Our Training Team draws from a wide range of academic and business experiences. They are experts in their field and the application of software, and effectively tie structured learning experiences to real world business challenges.

KTC can help your organization reap significant benefits, including:

‧ Faster, more cost-effective initial implementation
‧ Better acceptance among end users, with lower support costs
‧ Ongoing, optimal return on your software investment
‧ Faster adaptation to new releases and changes in business practices


KTC Support Team provides a broad range of offerings to cover planning, implementation, operations, upgrades, and continuous improvement. You can ensure the optimum performance of your software solutions -- and the maximum benefit to your business.

Our consultants give advices on choosing and deploying the support structures and processes that best meet your needs. They can also help to iron out system wrinkles -- before you go live. You benefit from optimized system performance that can reduce problems by up to 60%.

Once your software solution is up and running, support and maintenance continue with helpdesk services, remote maintenance, and on-site assistance. What's more, KTC will smooth your path to the future by helping you spot bottlenecks, plan resources, and migrate to new releases and technology.