IT Outsourcing

Nowadays, a reliable IT environment is essential to business success, but possessing and maintaining the skill sets of IT is an awesome task to most of the business organizations. One of the most effective ways to resolve this problem is to seek for external help. KTC outsourcing helps you deliver the value of IT to your employees, partners and clients by taking care of your IT infrastructure. We provide full range of IT system management services that help you to reap the following benefits: 
  • Reduce IT costs 
  • Provide a flexible upgrade path to next generation of infrastructure 
  • Let you focus on their core competencies 
  • Improve service levels 
  • Gain access to technology experts

We offer the following IT outsourcing services:

Maintenance & IT Service
  • Hardware checking & replacement 
  • Software installation 
  • Network support & monitoring 
  • Products testing & implementation 
  • Security checking

IT Infrastructure
  • Network design & configuration
  • Security design and implementation
  • Remote access
  • Servers and clients setup 
  • Microsoft products solution 
  • Linux server solution 
  • Patch panel, hubs & cabling installation