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In our increasingly competitive marketplace, customers demand rapid response when placing orders for products and services. Your ability to process these requests in a timely and effective manner is essential to earning your customers' trust. With ERPro's Sales Order module, you have the power of a complete order entry, customer and inventory management system at your fingertips so that you can always provide your customers with prompt service on demand. When integrated with the ERPro Accounts Receivable module, you receive a complete billing and receivables system that will further enhance your ability to manage your customer base and your valuable inventory.

Comprehensive Inventory Information
Up to 2 pictures of each inventory item can be included with the inventory item's description. Product Specification can be entered in an accompanying inventory notepad. Attachments can also be included in the inventory record. This powerful customer service aid is just a click away if necessary when speaking with customers and analyzing inventory items. Inventory information (such as the on-hand quantities, on-order quantities, item categories and lead time) is also available during the sales order process.

Price & Discount
  • Price can be based on Base Price or Customer Price List
  • Three level of discounts – Price Code, Price List Discount and Trade Discount
  • Pre-defined customer price, discount and currency used guaranteeing accuracy and speeding up operations.

Credit Control
  • Define individual customer credit limits and receive alerts when limits are close to being exceeded.
  • Account Locking” can be applied for further control.

Build On-The-Fly Assortment
ERPro provides the ability to simultaneously build and ship assortments (kits) within one step. You can configure the system to ship assortments without going through the Produce End Product function by selecting the item type to Assortment in the inventory record. This enables faster order processing.

  • Auto/Manual generate quotation number
  • Copy from any prior Quotation – saving your time and effort
  • Difference price level for individual customer
  • Auto retrieval of customer discount rate and can be overridden.
  • Allows remarks, miscellaneous charges, and labor charges to appear
  • Distribute Quotation via email, maximizing sales opportunities and reducing postage cost
  • Product photo can be included in quotation

Sales Order Processing
  • Auto/Manual generates sales order number.
  • Copy from prior Sales Order or Quotation
  • Multiple shipment date for each item.
  • Individual line item discount
  • Allows remarks, miscellaneous charges, and labor charges to appear
  • Can handle ‘deposit required’ Sales Order
  • Show warning for customer over the credit limit
  • Able to handle Consignment.
  • Accepts payments and deposits at the time of sales order 
  • Can generate Purchase Orders from Sales Order

  • Auto/Manual generate sales invoice number
  • Generate by Single Sales Order or Multiple Sales Orders
  • Can automatically select sales orders to be invoiced by schedule date – saving your valuable time
  • Allow partial shipment of sales order so you can begin invoicing customers at the earliest opportunity.
  • Individual line item discount
  • Show warning for customer over the credit limit
  • Allows remarks, miscellaneous charges, and labor charges  to appear
  • Auto calculation of invoice due date (Payment Term can be set to based on Invoice Date, Current Date, Invoice Month End or Current Month End).
  • Accepts payments and deposits at the time of invoice entry
  • Ability to post Sales Invoices to ERPro Financials