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With the ERPro Purchase module, you have better control over your full range of purchasing activities. For each purchasing decision, you always have an abundance of information about each inventory item at your fingertips, enabling you to select the right item, every time.


Comprehensive Inventory Information
Up to 2 pictures of each inventory item can be included with the inventory item's description. Product Specification can be entered in an accompanying inventory notepad. Attachments can also be included in the inventory record. This can be a tremendous help when speaking with vendors and analyzing inventory items. Also, a functional memo feature allows you to describe the item in detail, further reducing the potential of placing an order for the wrong product or item.

Purchase Order Processing

  • Auto/Manual generate purchase order number 
  • Copy from prior purchase order 
  • Multiple goods receipt date 
  • Individual line item discount
  • Unlimited additional charges can be handled
  • Copy information from Sales Order
  • Comprehensive Purchase Order Information including Shipping Information, Packing Information, Sample Information, etc.
  • Can handle QC Inspection
  • Support partial goods receipt, auto calculates received and on-order quantity
  • Auto calculation of supplier's invoice due date
  • Able to key in the Scheduled Date and ETD for each item

Supplier Invoice / Goods Receive

  • Generate by purchase order 
  • Individual line item discount 
  • Auto generated Supplier Invoice to Accounts Payable
  • Auto-calculate stock balance upon good received
  • Unlimited additional charges can be handled
  • Ability to post Purchase Invoice to ERPro Financials

Auto PO Creation

Use this form to automatically create purchase orders based on the Supply/Demand concept (safety stock level, re-order point, re-order quantities and quantities on sales order/purchase order).

Other Features

  • Inactive Vendor / Inventory Item Option
  • Stock and Non-Stock Items on the Same Purchase Order
  • Integrated with ERPro CRM module to track Vendor Activities.
  • Vendor Price List can be defined.
  • 15 User-definable fields for Vendor