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Inventory Control

ERPro Trading Solution combines powerful tools for flexible pricing, inventory, customer, and vendor management, with the core accounting features that have made ERPro the solution of choice for hundreds of thousands of small businesses. The result – a business solution specifically designed to help you tackle the challenges of operating a profitable trading business.

Track Item Detail

Track extensive detail on each of your inventory items, such as category, price levels, weight, item type, Quantity on Purchase Order, Quantity on Sales Order.

Buy and Sell in Different Units of Measure
You can buy and sell inventory in units other than 1. When it comes time to purchase components or ship finished goods, you can now set up sales units that match the way you do business, which can save time and improve the accuracy of your inventory counts.

Multiple Warehouse Locations
Keep stock in one or more warehouses, and transfer stock between warehouses.

Item Code up to 20 characters long

Item code can be set up to 20 characters long and unlimited length of product description.

Multiple price level

Multiple price level (Single price, Customer discounts by Customer Category, Multiple prices can be defined based on different customer)

Multiple Costing Methods

Costing Methods support Average Cost, FIFO, LIFO and standard cost.

Product Photo

You can include a photo of each item and print it on quotation, sales order or invoice optionally.

Vendor Part No
Vendor Part No can assign to stock items optionally

Drill Down Enquiry
Multilevel drill down stock enquiry, which allows you to see all on hand, on order detail, reserved, available quantity, selling price, purchase price and other information.

Other Features

  • Allows multiple conversion units for each item (e.g. PCS/KPCS/BOX/KG/CTN etc.) 
  • Pre-defined stock safety levels, major vendors
  • Stock movement audit
  • Unit Cost and Qty Decimal can be defined from 0 to 4