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FRPro-Finanical Reporter

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FRpro is a financial reporting application which links data from ERPro directly into Microsoft Excel. Take advantage of your existing Excel skills to create reports that bring live data from your General Ledger.

With FRpro you can create any financial report, format it any way your like, and publish it either on paper or digitally in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Because it reads directly into to GL, you never have to cut and paste or manually re-key your GL numbers again.

With the Microsoft Visual Basic for Application Technology, you can easily access your financial information through your Excel spreadsheet. Instead of data import / export, it is a real on-line access from Excel to ERPro database. In other words, you can enjoy the full features of integration and data extracted can be manipulated within your familiar office applications. Charts and figures will coexist in your financial reports and management analysis whereas the need for training and support in report writing is greatly minimized.

How Does FRPro work?

FRpro extends your Excel's functionality by adding new formulas that are specifically designed to access and analyze your General Ledger. FRpro adds a number of formulas to your Excel spreadsheet that allow you to place general ledger information into specific spreadsheet cells. The formulas in FRpro use parameters that describe data in your General Ledger, and then retrieve the data you have requested. For example:


This would retrieve the Period-to-date net balance in Account 3020 for Year 2004 period 5.


FRpro would sum all the accounts that began with 1, from all of the months that make up the Year to Date up to Year 2004 period 5; possibly thousands of numbers from your GL.

Features Highlight

  • Ready to use which minimizes set-up and administrative work
  • Create any financial report you want.
  • Never type another general ledger figure into your Excel again.
  • Leverage your current Excel knowledge and become productive immediately.
  • Create an Executive Information System that works the way you want.
  • Create published quality boardroom reports from your own data, today.
  • Use WYSIWYG report design methods.
  • Do any ad hoc report you want...anytime