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General Ledger

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The General Ledger module is the centre of the powerful ERPro Financial information system, where all financial accounting transactions are posted, summarized, processed and reported. This module keeps a record of financial data to provide you with timely information about your business.

10 Character Main Account +  5 Analysis Codes Offer Maximum Flexibility

Main Account ID can be up to 10 characters in length, with an additional of 5 analysis codes, each analysis code can be up to 12 characters. You can define primary account-number segments, departments, projects, divisions, locations, etc. Account ID’s and balances can be exported to spreadsheets and text formats.

Multiple Currencies in one Voucher
Each voucher can mix multiple currencies for different transactions.

Open Period Control 
You can define a company's fiscal-period date ranges and the beginning and ending dates of its fiscal year. In addition, a Posting Period Restrictions function provides the ability to cut off the transfer of data to any period in the general ledger from specified modules. This protects the restricted period from further changes when a final statement is being prepared for the period.

Easily import and export transactions
ERPro provides GL Voucher Import from and Export to Excel CSV file.

Copying Function
You can copy any posted or unposted voucher to a new voucher using the copy function. You can also copy as a reverse voucher to in order to contra the accounts.

FRPro Financial Reporter
With FRPro Financial Reporter, you can easily create any complicated financial statements by just setup a easy to use Excel Function.

Store Data Forever
General Ledger data can be maintained for an infinite number of years, limited only by your available disk space. You can quickly generate reports for any period of any year, instead of having to search through archived data.  

Drill down enquiry
Drill down to specific details and source data in many windows for a full onscreen audit trail. Follow any journal entry back to its source transaction with an electronic "paper trail" that works across the application, and easily find and fix mistakes.

Voucher Reverse Posting
Vouchers can be UNPOST in order to correct mistake. This function can be restricted by user right assignment.

Budget Definition
You can define Budget by 4 methods. 1. Directly input month by month. 2. Input an annual budget and let ERPro to allocate to each month. 3. Copy from previous year actual. 4. Copy from previous year budget.

AR/AP Offset in GL
ERPro can settle AR or AP documents in GL Voucher Processing. It is a convenient feature that when your vendor is also your customer and they paid you the net amount for multiple AR/AP Invoices.

Financial Position
ERPro can display your Financial Position graphically including bar chart and Line Chart. Chart can copy to Clipboard and paste to other applications.

Recurring Voucher
Recurring Voucher make repetitive voucher more efficient. After you defined the frequency and no. of times the Voucher needed to generated, ERPro will generate the Voucher automatically at the specified time.