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Accounts Receivable

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With ERPro's Accounts Receivable module, you have the power of a complete invoicing, receivables, customer and inventory management system, so you can always provide customers with prompt service. Sales Order and Inventory Control can be integrated with Accounts Receivable to create a complete order entry, billing and receivables system, providing better management of your customers and your valuable inventory.

Instant Access to Customer Information 
You have instant access to customer balances, aging totals and complete sales history. You can also review the customer's sales and payment history before processing an invoice.      

Flexible Payment Terms
Due Date and Discount Date is calculated automatically based on the Payment Terms that you defined. You can define in the discount days and due days based on invoice date or current date or choose to use E.O.M. (End-of- Month) due date method.

Void Accounts Payment, Refund or Adjustment
ERPro provides the ability to correct your customer balances when errors occur in applying payments to invoices, applied credits and refunds. You can also void applied adjustments, discounts or write-offs, even if they are applied without payment.

Flexible Multi-Currency 
You can issue different currency invoices to the same customer. You can apply payment in other currency different than the Invoice’s currency. Realized gains or losses will automatically calculate.

Exchange Rate can also be overridden during document entry.

One Step Settlement 
You can issue Invoice and Payment in one step to save much time and effort.

Credit Limits
Define individual customer credit limits and receive alerts when limits are close to being exceeded.

Apply payments
Apply receipt of any kind of payment to specific invoices or to the overall customer balance. ERPro also handle prepayment/deposit and posted-dated cheque.

Average Days to Pay Information
You can review a customer's average days to pay before processing an invoice. ERPro automatically computes this value based on the customer's applied payment information.            

Multiple Contacts and Shipping Addresses
Ability to define multiple shipping addresses and contact persons for each customer.

Microsoft Word Link
Create letters with one-click access to MS Word.

Recurring Invoices
ERPro supports recurring invoices, which is particularly well suited for maintenance, warranty, and other invoices that occur on a monthly or periodic basis. Recurring invoice reduce data entry time because ERPro generate the invoices with the frequency and no. of times that you have set.